Welcome to Collegetown for the 2015-2016 academic year.  We are so glad that you will be spending the year with us!  Collegetown is a unique and exciting living environment that offers many options to students.  Whether you have chosen the “downtown” living feel of Cascadilla or Sheldon Court, or the smaller and more intimate 112 Edgemoor, we know you will have fun here with us next year.  


Join our Faculty Fellows for interesting discussions, come to an event put on by the RA staff, or join the student government groups.  There are many ways to get involved and still have time for your studies, friends, and fun.  Our residence halls are close to the great food and cultural activities that the Collegetown area has to offer.  Get ready for a great year!


Cascadilla & Sheldon include a high concentration of transfer students, and we plan events specifically catered to their needs, in addition to the needs of returning upper level students.  Please join us and help build a strong community where we can all support and help one another.








Touchdown Singing with an A Capella group at Sunfest



Welcome to Nightmare on Edgemoor Lane