Just About Music (JAM)

Out of House Membership

Interested in JAM's perks but aren't living in our space? Consider our Out-of-House membership! JAM members have all the rights and privileges of residents:

  • Card access to JAM

  • Added to the JAM listserv

  • Added to our OrgSync page

  • Access to JAM programming

  • Membership to Musicom, our hall governance

  • Waitlist priority to move in to JAM during the housing lottery process

  • General usage of our amenities:

    • Equipment usage

    • Equipment rentals

    • Use of the performance space

    • Use of our recording studio



We consider it a privilege to utilize the wonderful resources at JAM. As a program house and residential community we do ask that you view your out-of-house membership as both a commitment to being a part of this community as well as a means to access these wonderful resources. As an OOH member, we encourage you to be active in the JAM community in any of the following ways:

  • Attend/help to facilitate a program (note: programs do not necessarily have to be at JAM but should involve the JAM community in some capacity) 

  • Attend a Musicom meeting (check calendar for dates/locations

  • Work with a Performance Space Manager and help to set up/break down/run/record a show 

  • Serve as a liaison for JAM and other student organizations on campus

We welcome any creative ideas you may have about ways that you can be involved at JAM! We look forward to welcoming you into the JAM community.



Cost is $35 per semester or $65 per academic year and will be taken from your bursar account



Click the Forms link to go to the forms page. Select Out of House Membership. After you fill out the form, you must also do the following:

1.) Join Musicom on Orgsync: http://bit.ly/JOIN_MUSICOM

2.) Attend one Musicom meeting. Check the calendar to see when Musicom meetings are.

3) To receive a passcode to access the recording studio and equipment room, you also must attend a mandatory training session on how to use the facilities and equipment. Contact the Performance Space Managers to set up a meeting time.

Following your completion of these steps, applications can take about a week to process. You'll be contacted with notification of card activation, your access codes, and other rules and information about space and equipment usage.