Just About Music (JAM)



The Residence Hall Director is a full time, live-in professional staff person, and is not a student. The RHD is responsible for the long range planning as well as day-to-day operations of the building, and is the JAM representative to its parent organizations, Residential New Student Programs, Campus and Community Engagement, and Cornell University.


Office: JAM 9B03, (607) 255-4645


Hey all! My name is Kyle and this will be my second year with the Just About Music (JAM) community. My roots are in the area -- I am originally from Rochester, NY. I stuck around the area for my undergraduate degree, where I received my Bachelors in Sociology, with minors in Anthropology and Communication. After that, I moved to Buffalo, NY for my Masters of Science in College Student Personnel Administration.

Prior to working here, I worked at a college counseling center in Buffalo, NY, was a Head Resident for Cornell's Summer College Program '15, and served as a residence director down the street at Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden, NY. 

I am a live-in professional here and reside in an apartment here in JAM with my partner and dog. If you see them around, say hi as well! The RAs and I are here to help make the most of your experience here at Cornell and JAM! Come visit me at the RHD office at the ground floor entrance of the building near the 24 hour piano room if you have any questions, concerns, news to share, or just want to chat! I'm always looking for an excuse to not read emails on my computer all day. :)



The Doggo-in-Residence is a full time, live-in dog, and is not a student. The DIR is the owner of your RHD, Kyle, and lives with him. He frequently holds office hours in the RHD office and holds the JAM-famous weekly "Study Breaks with Cedric" (look for it on the calendar!). If you see him around, feel free to pet him and tell him he's a good boy!