Welcome to the Clara Dickson Hall and Multicultural Living learning Unit community page! Clara Dickson Hall is the largest residence hall on Cornell’s North Campus, housing over 540 students. The building itself is centrally located on north campus near two dining halls, two gyms, two community centers, and right next to a popular sand volleyball court!          

One unique aspect about the building is that it is divided between the “5 side” and the “6 side.” This layout will help you get oriented to the building. The entire hall is served by a large staff who will help you get acclimated, provide ongoing support, and offer fun and educational programs all year long. Our staff includes 16 Resident Advisors (RAs), 1 Senior Resident Advisor (SRA), and 1 Residence Hall Director (RHD).

In addition to the many hall-wide programs that are offered throughout the year, we have a Residence Hall Leadership Organization, Residential Student Congress (RSC) that is known as the Dickson Hall Council (DHC). Students are nominated to serve as representatives for their floor, and also have the opportunity to run for executive positions within the Council. We welcome you to join us in these and other opportunities!

Watch out youtube video on Dickson and McLLU below from Cornell Days 2018:

Resident Advisors

  • 2513 Zain Mehdi
  • 2592 Skyla Carmon
  • 2631 Vegen Soopramanien (SRA)
  • 3569 Robert Sanchez
  • 3515 Adena Dass
  • 3669 Blair Legere
  • 3613 Matt Rhee
  • 4515 Nathan Stack
  • 4569 Smita Bhoopatiraju
  • 4613 Natalie Pawlowski
  • 4669 Jimmy Dhillon
  • 5580 Ivan Rios
  • 5513 Michelle Glauberzon
  • 5680 Maya Wilson
  • 5613 Ziwei Gu
  • 2625 Nnenna Ezera (McLLU)
  • 1643 Fatima Mahmoud (McLLU)
  • Contact Us

  • Residential and New Student Programs
  • Dickson Hall
  • Ithaca, NY 14853
  • (607) 255-5306
  • dickson@cornell.edu
  • or
  • mcllu@cornell.edu