Ecology House


Current Cornell students: apply now to live here for 2018-2019!

Welcome to the Ecology House! This is a diverse community of aspiring engineers, veterinarians, doctors, architects, biologists, chemists, programmers, lawyers, researchers, and so much more. Despite the variety of backgrounds and majors, everyone is connected by one concern: the environment needs our help. The Ecology House teaches each student how to begin to change the world, even in the smallest of ways. The House staff starts by introducing students to living sustainably. Everyone learns how to compost, recycle, and promote energy efficiency. In addition, students are given the chance to partake in a wide variety of environmental and outdoor leadership positions, ranging from being a committee leader within the house to an Eco representative at campus-wide events. At Eco, you will always have the chance to express yourself and bring new ideas to the house table (or kitchen). Eco House has a dynamic environment, improved daily by the thoughts and actions of every resident and staff member.  

Not living in Eco but still want to be a part of our community?  Email Residence Hall Director (RHD) Sam Benson via e-mail ( or the link on the left to ask about how you can become an Out-of-House Member!



Pet of the Month!

Pet name: Rosemary

Owner: Cal

Age: 6 months

Favorite Activities: Hamster wheel cardio all-night-every-night, listening to 80's workout music, digging and burying things, sprinting head first into walls

Fun Facts: Enjoys fluffy bedding the best and likes filling her tubes with it, can run up and down the Eco halls 4 times and still have energy leftover, best friends with Cal's dog Ally back home

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