Hi there!

The High Rise staff and I would like to welcome you to Cornell and the High Rise community. We are so happy that you are here! This letter is designed to help you learn more about the High Rise community, the staff, move-in day, leadership opportunities within the community, and more.

We are two buildings but 1 community!

If you have any questions or need clarification feel free to contact me at:


Also, check out our Facebook Page: Cornell High Rises- Jameson and High Rise 5

Can’t wait to meet you!

Your RHD,

Adidi Etim-Hunting



The 2nd annual Safer Sex Week will take place October 15th-October 19th. This is a campus wide program that promotes sex positivity through engaging educational initiatives sponsored by the CORE RAs. The goal of Safer Sex Week is to encourage healthy, positive and safe sexual attitudes and behaviors; while promoting awareness about the spectrum of engagement from abstinence to pleasure for all sexual identities on our campus. We encourage all members of the community to participate in events and learn from each other’s experiences. This week will focus on the following themes: Empowerment, Sexual Health, (A)sexuality, and Pleasure; in addition to our daily Intimacy Campaign. Stay tuned for more detailed descriptions of the events for each day: http://TINYURL.COM/YAAV256F

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