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Latino Living Center (LLC)

Latino Living Center's 55 residents represent a wide variety of heritages and backgrounds, but all share a common interest in Latino/a culture, history, and current events.Their appreciation for the values of Latino/a heritage includes respect for individuals, dedication to education, commitment to community, and the importance of family.

A sign saying "Bienvenidos A Su Casa" – Welcome to Your Home – greets residents as they arrive on campus each semester. LLC truly is more than just a place to live. It quickly becomes a home, with all the comforts provided by a strong, familial environment. That is the Latino way!

The Café Con Leche weekly discussion series, annual retreats, community dinners, intramural sports clubs, and Latino Heritage Month festivities are traditional LLC events, In addition, dances, movie nights, faculty dinners, and various celebrations – including Dia de los Muertos, Day Hall Takeover Commemoration Week, and birthday parties – are scattered throughout each semester.

Founded in 1994, LLC is located on North Campus in Anna Comstock Hall across the street from Risley Residential College and a short walk from Robert Purcell Community Center.