Welcome to the Castle! That's right, you have reached the organization page for Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts.  Risley Hall is a truly unique community full of inspiring and talented individuals.  Our community is built upon a basic love and respect of all forms of artistic expression, and to engage as a community of artists, thespians, and musicians.  While all members of the Risley community have an appreciation for art, residents of Risley come from all walks of life, are enrolled in a wide variety of degree programs, and express their creativity in numerous different ways.  Risley residents and community members often remain connected with Risley even after moving on from Cornell, as evidenced by our robust Risley Alumni population.  

Just as Risley's community is unmatched, so are it's resources.  Risley is home to an 81-seat black box theater, 12 fine arts work shops, a library, a performance space, a dance studio, lounges, and of course the famous Risley Dining Hall!  Residents and out-of-house members of our community utilize these resources to host a bevvy of annual Risley events, such as Masquerave, A Night at Hogwarts, VD Ball, The Reading of Handel's Messiah, RisExpo, productions by our very own Risley Theatre, and many others.  Risley community members also utilize these resources in order to satisfy whatever creative craving they may have.  

Risley's unique features do not stop there.  Our community is mostly student-run.  Our governing body is affectionately known as "Kommittee".  Kommittee meets weekly to discuss events, troubleshoot community concerns, brainstorm ideas, and to decide how funds and space are best utilized for the community.  Kommittee is often themed, allowing for a bit of humor amidst the necessary business of the meeting.  Kommittee is open to any Risley community member to attend! 

Living in Risley is truly a unique experience that would be hard to find just about anywhere else.  We can't give away all of our secrets, but we invite you into The Castle to experience it for yourself!

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  • 11-02-2016: Risley Shops now open for the 2016-2017 year!

  • 05-31-2016: Risley Boasts Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

  • 08-09-2015: Risley Website Rebooted!