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Of what should you be aware when living in Risley Hall?


  • Racoons and squirrels like to explore our dumpsters at all times! Be sure to shut all dumpster doors and tie bags securely!
  • Skunks enjoy our backyard mainly at night in the warmer months! Keep to well lit paths, where they usually avoid!
  • Bats, flying insects, and spiders frequent open lit windows at night! Check that your window screens are secure and cover the whole window frame and only open windows that have screens! Shut all windows and turn off all lights when you are done with a space! Call Risley RA OC during evenings and weekends, and Appel Service Center during the day to report bats inside the building!


  • The gorge trail right in our backyard is open to the public! Follow all gorge safety rules! Stay on the trail, visit only during the day, and refrain from swimming in the gorge!
  • Our basement has shops full of heavy machinery. No students may be in the basement during quiet hours due to safety. Even if you are a trained keyholder to a space, you may only be in the shops during the day!
  • The "Sub Basement" is mainly used for winter bike and theater storage by students. Facilities also services the machinery in the area. Students may not access this space for personal safety.