Kommittee is the Residence Hall Leadership Organization for Risley Residential College. Student leadership within Risley is acute and essential to the success of the community. Risley operates on the principle that students should have a voice within the community and are therefore strongly encouraged to become a part of the Kommittee structure. Generally speaking, Kommittee acts both as the brain of Risley, directing activities towards their goals, and as the mouth, articulating goals and program planning to Risley members, Residential & New Student Programs, Cornell University, and beyond.  Kommittee’s responsibilities include assisting the RHD in managing Risley finances, space reservations, in-house staffing procedures, housing procedures, managing of Risley Theatre/Tammany Coffee House, Managing the Risley Shops, and ensuring the accomplishment of all traditional weekly and annual traditions. 

To learn more about Kommittee check out the Kommittee Charter!

Information on Kommittee E-Board members coming September 2017!


Who are RisOCs?

RisOC (noun): a super-awesome Risleyite here to welcome YOU to the castle.

RisOCs help fellow Risleyites move into the Castle, are available to answer any questions, and plan GREAT events for Risleyites during the first week of the semester. They also run House Meetings, make door decorations, bulletin boards and generally frolic happily in the Castle! 

Who are RisLords?

RisLords are the head RisOCs who work with the Residence Hall Director to help facilitate the planning of the big move to the Castle and the events that follow move-in!

How do I become a RisOC or RisLord?

RisOC Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be up in late Spring 2018 and will be available here.

Presenting Risley's 2017-2018 RisLords!

Tatyana Carrillo


Why did you want to be a RisLord?

 "I wanted to be a RisLord because it brings me great joy to share my enthusiasm for Risley with the building's newest residents--especially since the first few days are integral to a new student's experience at Cornell!" 

Mikaela Hamilton 


Why did you want to be a RisLord?

"I want to make incoming students feel as welcome to Risley as I was made to feel my first year."

Eldar Slobodyan


Why did you want to become a RisLord?

"RisOCs made me feel really welcome when I first came to Risley and helped me quickly become part of the community that I treasure dearly now. I wanted to foward this sentiment to the future Risley-ites."

Presenting Risley's 2017-2018 RisOCs!

Ana Carpenter 


Why did you want to become a RisOC?

"People honestly just have to experience the Risley love; it's real man, you can't miss this."

Amanda Conwell


Why did you want to become a RisOC?

"I wanted to be a RisOC so that I could help new freshman feel more comfortable as they transition to Cornell."

Anya Hoaglund


Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I want to get to know Risley's newest members! Plus, I'm looking for the Winter Soldier and Natasha said he might be here..."

Brady Kellum


Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I wanted to be a RisOC because I want to share with others the same excitement that I had when I first arrived at Risley!" 

 Alex Newman


Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I wanted to be a RisOC to welcome new Risley-ites and make them feel as at home in the Castle as I do!"

Zack "Throck" Otterpohl



Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I can't live here forever, so this was the next best thing!"

Alexander "Perry" Perry

Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I wanted to be a RisOC because I want to help new Risleyites understand the cool events and opportunities in the dorm - it can be really overwhelming looking at it by yourself."

Milo Reynolds-Dominguez



Why did you want to be a RisOC?

"I wanted to be a RisOC because I wanted to give back to my Risley Family and help make our newest members feel at home."