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Resident Advisors support students in their secondary Maslow needs, mainly through creating community. RA's fulfill three themes in their work.

  1. Administration
    1. Document conduct and policy.
    2. Complete Room Inventory and Condition forms.
    3. Submit Maintenance Requests.
  2. Counseling
    1. Provide a private, not confidential, peer support.
    2. Be On Call to support residents.
    3. Empathize with residents as we progress through each semester's journey.
  3. Education
    1. Create programs meeting departmental learning outcomes.
    2. Teach content not found often found in traditional coursework.
    3. Connect campus and community members.

For more information, visit the Residential Programs Page.

Senior RA Matthew Lin, mxl5, B40


"My name is Matthew Lin, and people also call me Matt, Matthew, or MattLin. I am a senior in CALS, majoring in biology, concentrating in general biology, and minoring in music, and education. In my free time I enjoy running around the various trails of the area, and tutoring down at Ithaca High School. I'm thrilled to Risley's first Senior RA. After three semesters on the staff, I hope to make all building spaces the best they can be, host several educational programs, and implement a few sustainability ideas. I'm usually in common spaces, the RA Office, or in my room with the door open.

I look forward to working with you all!"

Spring 19 Hire, tbd123, 225

Carolyn Todd, clt87, 325


"My name is Carolyn Todd. I am a senior human development major in the college of Human Ecology, and I am so excited for my second year as an RA in Risley. Some of my interests include sports (I am a die-hard Yankees and Steelers fan), spoken word poetry, and musical theatre. I am also an inspirational quote fiend, so whenever you need a pick-me-up quote feel free to come to me :). On campus, I am involved in Greek life, the club field hockey team, a pre-health club called PATCH, and a volunteer in a research lab. I absolutely love getting to know new people and look forward to making this year the best one yet!" 

Spring 19 Hire, tbd123, 347


"Hiya! I’m Alex, and this is my second semester being an RA. I’ve called Risley my home since arriving at Cornell and love everything this building has to offer! I’m a Junior majoring in Policy Analysis and Management with minors in International Relations and Inequality Studies. I spend most of my time doing improv comedy with The Whistling Shrimp, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and ranting about/debating politics. I’m passionate about coffee so I hope to see you at my event, Found Coffee, on Thursday nights! My door is always open so please do stop by.  Cheers!”

Ade Lawrence, al769, 432

Ade, 1/7/18

Rebecca Reuning , rmr282, 450


"Hi, Risleyites! My name is Rebecca, and I am currently a sophomore in the process of switching from Animal Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to English in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a first-generation Cuban-American from Miami, and I take a lot of pride in my heritage. Along with being an RA, I work at Appel Service Center and am involved in the Latinx community, Minority Animal Science Students, and Meinig Scholars. When I’m not writing subpar poetry or listening to SadBoiTM music, I’m playing video games or hanging out with my friends. I can’t wait to meet all of you – looking forward to a fantastic year in Risley!"