Residence Hall Director

The Residence Hall Director is the sole, full-time, live-in, professional staff member who oversees the whole community. Some RHD duties are:

  • Supervise SRA, RA's, and AIR.
  • Work with Faculty Fellows, Building Care Staff, Facilities, and Campus Partners.
  • Use Procurement Card to purchase program materials for the building.
  • Distribute keys for programming spaces to student volunteers.
  • Support enforcement of university policies and house rules.
  • Report to Associate or Assistance Director in the Residential Programs Department.

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Santino Palazzolo, sp779


Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan, Santino Palazzolo received his Bachelors in Broadcast and Journalism from Central Michigan University in 2011 and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from Argosy University in 2013. Santino has worked in multiple states in various industries including: education, student affairs, entertainment media, hospitality, and mental health.

These opportunities have influenced an open-mind and diverse perspective, as Santino passionately strives to contribute towards the understanding and progress of civil rights and social justice in his work. Santino prides himself in his genuine efforts to create meaningful connections, ensure the well-being and comfort of others, to inspire a consistent structure for healthy habits, and to uplift others to reinforce value and purpose in the human experience.

Starting Fall 2018 as the Residence Hall Director for Risley Residential College, Santino has the opportunity to diligently work with passionate, dedicated residents that continue to invest in defining and representing the ideal standards of a united, inclusive, diverse, thought-provoking, safe, collaborative, and engaged community. In his time at Cornell, Santino aspires to be an active role model in initiating and cultivating lasting learning experiences that transcend students' potential throughout their collegiate journey and beyond.

Office Phone:(607) 255-9520