Risley RisOCs and RisLords 

What are RisOCs?

RisOC (noun): a super-awesome Risleyite here to welcome YOU to the castle.

RisOCs help fellow Risleyites move into the Castle, are available to answer any questions, and plan GREAT events for Risleyites during the first week of the semester. They also run House Meetings, make door decorations, bulletin boards and generally frolic happily in the Castle! 

What are RisLords?

RisLords are the head RisOCs who work with the Residence Hall Director to help facilitate the planning of the big move to the Castle and the events that follow move-in!

How do I become a RisOC or RisLord?

RisOC Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be up in late Spring 2018 and will be available here.

Presenting Risley's 2017-2018 RisLords!