Risley Ris-OCs and RisLords 

The Risley Orientation Committee, led by the "Ris-Lords," is a volunteer group to assist with 1st year move in! During Move-In, Ris-OC's will help carry luggage provide directions. During the New Student Orientation Period, Ris-OC's will produce social programs to build community.

Risley Orientation Leaders' appointments are until early September. While you are welcome to always ask them questions, you are also encouraged to work with your RA's, who are available year-round!


Anya, abh88

Hey! I'm Anya, and I'm a junior in Arts and Sciences who will probably be majoring in math or info sci or something... who knows... with a minor in LGBT studies. As for career aspirations, I am currently hiding under my bed trying not to think about that. I'm from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania aka kinda the middle of nowhere except for Penn State. Fun facts about me, I pole dance, sing, and genuinely enjoy exercise. My favorite Risley Tradition is pool. I wanted to be a RisOC because I love moving furniture (just ask Perry) and because I want to meet all the cool new freshmen! 

Perry, acp96

Hi, I'm Perry! I'm a junior studying information science (also pre-med) from Boston. I hope to work as an ER doctor, do some sort of nonprofit work, or just start a gay bakery where dogs bring you your food. My favorite Risley tradition is Rocky Horror, which we put on once a year around Halloween. A fun fact about me: I can sprint in 5 inch stilettos and a corset, but I cannot aim when throwing a dildo. I wanted to be a RisOC because Risley is an awesome place, and someone needs to introduce you to the ghost. 


Nika, no87

Heyooo I’m Nika, and I’m a senior Biology major/Psychology minor in CALS! I’m from San Diego, CA, where people often ask me why I left the sunshine behind to go to school in the arctic tundra. I’m currently pre-med and aspire to be either a surgeon, a clinical psychologist, or a famous Viner. My two favorite things are dogs and food, and I enjoy horseback riding, archery, yoga, going to the beach, and just being outside in general. I also love traveling, and I studied abroad in London last semester, so please feel free to ask me any questions about studying abroad! In Risley you can probably find me bartending in Tammany, at pole posse, or in the pottery studio during my shop hours (shameless plug: come to my shop hours! I love teaching people how to throw and you’ll never have to spend money on Christmas presents again if you learn!) My favorite Risley tradition is Harry Potter Night, but I honestly love everything about Risley and I’m so lucky to have lived in the castle for all four years. The RisOCs immediately made me feel at home when I moved in as a freshman, so I’m so excited to welcome all you baby squids into our family now and help make sure you get as much out of Risley as I did! 

Amanda, anc42

Hi! My name is Amanda and I’m a junior in the class of 2020.  I’m currently in Human Ecology, studying Human Biology Health and Society (HBHS), but I love chemistry too—especially Organic Chemistry.  It’s funny that you should ask what I’m planning to do with my life—it’s complicated and you probably don’t want to me to get into that right now.  Let’s just say that I’m still trying to tell myself that I have time to figure it out… I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and I’ve often been told that my backpack weighs more than I do.  I wanted to be a RisOc because who doesn’t love lifting boxes and labeling everything with blue tape?! But really, I’m super excited to meet everyone and welcome them to the Risley community.  My favorite Risley tradition is by far Kommittee—our weekly hall council, which is a great way to connect with other people who are invested in the community and to learn about what’s going on in the building.  A close runner up is Lost Coffee, a weekly event held at night where you can drink tea, eat cookies, and hang out with new people.

Brady, wbk43

Hello, everyone! My name is Brady Kellum, and I am very glad to be a RisOC again this year! I am a Music Major in the Class of 2020, and I hope to design and compose music for video games. I am from Syton, NJ (30 minutes outside of Philly), and I actually go by my middle name. I wanted to be a RisOC because I love the community here and I want everyone here to have the best experience possible. My favorite Risley tradition right now is the annual pillow and blanket fort in RisLibrary. It's a great way to get to know people!  

April, aat79

Hello! I’m April and I’m an English and History major in the Class of 2020! My current career goal is to be a research librarian and a writer, probably of history, at least until I’m a legend, icon, and star. I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, and at one point I knew how to play trumpet and piano, but now I just sing badly in my room. I wanted to be a RisOC because not only do I love Risley and want to show off all the wonderful things about us, but I also remember how absolutely terrifying moving to college was and I want to do whatever I can to alleviate that stress. All Risley traditions are AMAZING, but my favorite has to be Rocky Horror! 

Audrey, aer267

I’m Audrey! I’m in the class of 2021, and my major is currently undecided, but I’m leaning towards math. I don’t really know what I wanna be when I grow up, yet :(  I’m from Texas, where, as much as I hate to satisfy stereotypes, I grew up with horses in my backyard. (I also went to the same high school Beyoncé did). I had a great time during my freshman orientation last year, and I’m really glad that the RisOCs were there to answer questions, help me move in, and be friendly faces. I’m super excited to do the same! Be sure to say hi to me at our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show production - I’m sure to be there. 

Grady, gwo8

Grady Owens is a rising Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, he plans to double major in History and Archeology. Grady is from the small town of Lake Wales, Florida; he enjoys old music, old movies, dancing, and spending time with his friends and girlfriend. Some might say that he is much older than he seems; a traveler from another time perchance? Grady is the current Chair of the Arts and RenFaire Sub-Committees, he also serves as a general member and archivist of the Risley Kommittee. Grady plans to continue his education past his undergraduate studies; he is currently planning on obtaining a doctorate in either History or Archeology to be used in museum administration and education. Grady chose to become a RisOC after the warm welcome that he received form RisOCs last August and it is his goal to show new Risleites the same warm welcome that was shown to him. His favorite Risley Tradition is the meeting of the Kommittees on Sunday nights. “There is nothing greater than being able to see people of all likes and interests, coming together to improve their community and advance the ideas of democracy.”      

Hannah, hsh49

Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m a second year student in DEA (Design + Environmental Analysis or Drug Enforcement Agency, take your pick). My future plans include switching to a major that doesn’t get mistaken for the drug police. I brought my pup Habibi all the way from San Antonio, Texas so please give him affirmations for travelling so far! My favorite Risley tradition is Rocky Horror and you should know if you choose to audition that Habib is here to steal your role. Because he is what? Sickening.  

Lauren, ljw225

Hi!  My name is Lauren and I'm from Rochester, New York.  I'm a Fine Arts major in the class of 2021.  I'm not exactly sure what I hope to do in my future,  but I hope it revolves around the art field, possibly a freelance artist,art therapist or illustrator(I don't know man I got a little bit to figure it out). Fun fact, I'm your friendly neighborhood giant at a cool 6'2 of underwhelming power.  The RisOcs that I had were such fun and creative people that made my transition to college so much easier, which inspired me to want to make incoming Risleyites feel just as welcome as I did.  Risley is full of traditions as well as fun events.  My favorite at this point is MRave since it really highlights the vibrance and creativity of Risley. It's really an amazing place with a great family atmosphere that I hope all new Risleyites will be able to feel! 

Liz, ek534

I'm studying biological engineering and I will be graduating in 2021. I wanted to be a RisOC because I wanted to personally be involved in greeting all the new Risleyites and making them feel comfortable right away by being friendly and open! I'm from Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY and a fun fact about me is that I'm a beekeeper, and I own chickens! My career aspiration is to be an advisor to farms to help them become more sustainable while also preserving their productivity and keeping their costs the same. Ultimately I want to have my own sustainable farm that supplies a bed and breakfast that I also own (I had a dream that I did this and I have stuck with it since!). My favorite Risley tradition...I’d like to say it’s pool, but Rocky Horror is my sweet baby child, catch me directing it around Halloween-time! 

Niara, ncb53

Niara is from West Orange, New Jersey. She is future Computer Science major/Game Design minor in the College of Arts and Sciences and a member of the class of '21. She wants to find success as a Game Designer/Developer/Artist, jewelry-maker, and writer and hopes that she will come to be known as the Creator of Worlds. She wants to be a RisOC because she loves Risley and all the lovely folks in it. Her favorite Risley Tradition is the school-sanctioned wall painting (murals). In fact, she hopes to add one to the collection someday. Fun fact about her: She is a mermaid! Yes, really a mermaid. And, she is excited to meet all of you!

Simge, sg976

Hi, I'm Simge and I'm from Turkey. I'm a BFA student and I will graduate in 2021. A fun fact about me is that I did archery for 8 years and I was in the Turkish national team. I don't do it now because I'm just lazy; instead, I have a cool bow tattoo on my arm. I wanted to become a RisOC because I want to help incoming students to get use to Risley and Cornell. One of my favorite Risley traditions is Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Spencer, sdb246

Hi there! My name is Spencer Blumenberg, I'm from the land of bearable weather, Los Angeles, and am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm still undecided, but my interests include Chemistry, Creative Writing, and Classics (OK or maybe I just have a thing for C's I don't know.) Aside from classes, you can catch me down in the Risley Pottery shop for my shop hours or at RisDining chompin’ down on some f-i-n-e fine polenta. I'm also in a comedy troupe that we started right here in Risley! Midnight Comedy! (We're not a cult, I think?) Anyway, that's enough about me. I'm so excited to share with you all the amazing things Risley has to offer that you (real talk) absolutely will not find anywhere else on campus. Whether that's Kommittee or packed shows in our very own theater, you'll find plenty of ways to stay engaged with our Ris community. Yes, this is your home for this year, but you're going to want it to be your home for all your years here (which, by the way, is something you can totally do!). Welcome to the castle; but more importantly, welcome home!

Will, wma34

Hello! I’m Will and I’m a Sophomore in CALS studying Biometry and Statistics. My home town is Buffalo, NY and this is my second year being a Risleyite. Looking ahead, I’m hoping to get more involved with machine learning and pair that with statistics and healthcare. One of my favorite Risley traditions is definitely our production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m really excited about being back and I can’t wait to get back in the theater.