Staff Listing for Risley Residential College

Residence Hall Director

Meurcie (pronounced Mercy) received her M.A. and B.A. in Art Therapy from Marywood University, located in Scranton, PA.  While completing her coursework, Meurcie worked as a Residence Director for the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and oversaw the operation of upperclassmen townhouses and specialty houses.  After graduating with her Master's in May of 2015, Meurcie served as a Hall Director at Southern Connecticut State University for the fall of 2015 and worked with primarily junior and senior-year residents.  Meurcie joined the staff at Cornell University to serve as a the RHD for Risley Hall for the office of Residential and New Student Programs in the spring of 2016.

     Meurcie enjoys art of all kinds, and has an appreciation for the healing and therapeutic properties of art.  Meurcie is a ceramicist and has practiced working in clay for 11 years.  She enjoys making abstract sculptures and wall hangings.  Meurcie also enjoys painting, printmaking and singing, and is happy to work in almost any art medium. 

Assistant Residence Hall Director

Shannon is a graduate student working toward her master's degree in Historic Preservation Planning. She received bachelor's degrees in archaeology and international studies prior to coming to Cornell. In her spare time, Shannon is a dancer, pianist, and music lover. 











Resident Advisors

Megan Rossetti

My name is Megan and I'm from Milford, Delaware. I am a senior in the hotel school with a PMA minor. I enjoy being in involved in Risley from the theater to doing DIY project, to just playing games in common areas. Fun fact: Chickens outnumber people in Delaware 300:1. You can usually find me around Risley or in Statler.



Saara Shanti Kumar

Hello there! My name is Shanti Kumar and this will be my fourth and final year calling Risley my home. I study International Agriculture & Rural Development and could talk your ear off about it if you let me (ears of corn, that is). I’ve just returned to Cornell after a semester abroad in Madagascar. I am hoping to add to my collection of several hundred four-leafed clovers during my final year at Cornell (I don’t find too many clovers at home in New York City in the Bronx). I am involved in musical theatre and various social justice outlets on campus dedicated to improving dialog on conflict and inequality, both domestic and international. You can hear me singing throughout the building, so please join in if you’d like, but if my singing bothers you please give me a knock and I will find a different place to sing. Sometimes I write in my journal until 4:00 AM instead of studying and I cry or laugh when I read the New York Times. My NetID is ssk244 and please do not hesitate to ask me to explain or do anything, especially in the beginning of the semester. College is hard, Cornell is harder, but it’s so much more than just difficult; it’s enthralling. I can’t wait to share it with you.



Patricia Mawn-Mahlau

Tricia is Junior in City and Regional Planning. In addition to her role as a Risley RA, Tricia is a member of the Residential Life Committee and the Advocacy Director for Residential Student Congress. In her free time, Tricia enjoys acting, reading, and planning board games. She welcomes you to stop by and say hello!



Matthew Lin

My name is Matthew Lin, and people usually call me Matthew, Matt, or Matt Lin. I am currently a CALS sophomore, majoring in Biology, concentrating in General Biology. Further, I am minoring in music, and education, and will be doing comparative anatomy on fish with Dr. Dillman of the Cornell Museum of Vertebrates. During my free time, I enjoy playing percussion and running around the various trails of the area. As the Creative Arts RA, I will be assisting with shops, as well as the Arts Subcommittee's second semester. My programs will also have a focus on the Office Residential and New Student Program's first learning outcome, Academic Achievement and Intellectual Inquiry.
I look forward to meeting you all and having a great year!



Jacob Kuhn

Hello! My name is Jacob Kuhn and I am a junior studying Landscape Architecture in CALS. When I'm not crying over my desk at studio, I can be found reading books or binging Netflix in my room, working on a production in Risley Theater, and attempting to smash the patriarchy and heteronormativity. If you have a concern you'd like to address, or you just want to hang out with little ol' me, swing by my room (450) for some tea/coffee and conversation! Last semester, I was abroad in Singapore and I would love to meet all of the new Risleyites for this year and semester, so please stop by as well! Hope to see everyone soon and hear about all the fantastic things you're up to! 





Unofficial Mascot

Risley's Unofficial Mascot is a favorite friend among students, faculty and staff alike.  Baby Ruth, or "Ruthie" for short is an English Bulldog who resides in the building and makes regular appearances at programs, meetings, and RHD office hours.  Baby Ruth is super friendly and excited to get to know everyone.  Baby Ruth loves to play, cuddle and wash faces, and has plenty of love to go around! If you see her around the building, feel free to say hi- just do not try to pick her up (she's heavier than she looks)!


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