Assistant Residence Hall Director

Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will open in Spring 2018.

The Assistant Residence Hall Director (ARHD) is designed to contribute to the overall mission of Residential and New Student Programs in creating an exceptional on-campus living experience for students.  Cornell's first-year residence halls are communities centered on students’ first year experience; where residents learn to live, socialize, and study at college together. Program Houses are themed communities where residents can develop and immerse themselves in a community with a shared interest and are made up both of first year and upper level students. Upperlevel communities focus on meeting the needs of students as they move further into their college career as well as help transfer students transition to Cornell.

The ARHD position is a 5-hour/week (averaged across the appointment period), live-in position. Living arrangements vary with position assignment (some but not all spaces include kitchens); space is not available for partners/family. The ARHD reports directly to the Residence Hall Director (RHD).  There are currently 3 ARHD positions in Residential and New Student Programs.

ARHD responsibilities will vary over the appointment period and by community. Responsibilities may include:

  • Serving as primary advisor to community Hall Council
  • Providing program support (such as: program shopping, meeting with RAs, preparing contracts or other Business Services documentation, program budget tracking, oversight of large scale events, program tracker review)
  • Co-facilitating student staff training sessions and in-services alongside RHD (RHD drives content and is present during sessions)
  • Holding informal 1:1 meetings with RAs to discuss specific topics related to ARHD’s other duties (such as programming)
  • Creating RA on-call schedule
  • Overseeing other community student staff (examples: Office Assistants, Library Assistants)
  • Facilitating building-specific resident involvement program (examples: Active Citizens, RisPoints)
  • Participating in departmental trainings, hall openings/closings, weekly staff meetings, regular 1:1 meetings with supervisor, and other departmental initiatives
  • Serving as functional backup RHD when RHD away
  • Holding in-hall office hours
  • Fulfilling other tasks/projects as assigned


Eligibility Requirements

  • Earned Bachelor’s Degree (no specific major required)
  • Enrolled in a fulltime Cornell University graduate, professional, or doctoral program for the 2017-2018 academic year


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior Residence hall leadership experience
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and exercise good judgment
  • Strong time management and administrative skills
  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse student and staff population
  • Ability to live on-campus
  • Availability to work nights/weekends
  • Availability to work from early August through the end of May
  • Strong verbal and written skills


Remuneration (may not be substituted for other compensation):

  • On-campus furnished living space with internet during contract dates
  • Stipend of $2,335 for 1st year
    • 2nd year: $2505
    • 3rd year: $2675
    • 4th year: $2845
  • Big Red Bucks:
    • For living spaces with kitchens: $270 a year
    • For living spaces without kitchens: $470 a year
  • Bus pass (approximate value $200/year)
  • Gym membership (approximate value $145/year)

Student Staff Spotlight!

Name: Amdiel

Community: Court-Kay-Bauer (CKB)

Semesters as a Student Staff Member: 5 semesters as an RA

Favorite Part: My favorite part of being an RA is interacting with the residents during the year and befriending them later. I have gone on to really get to know them on a deeper level after they have moved on and it is great seeing them grow into the person they have wanted to become. You really get to lead them to that path and it is great.

Advice to Candidates: Honesty is truly the best answer. There are all types of residents and people and the RA position is a chance to truly show who YOU are because it is helpful in advising residents. Show us what you're interested in, and don't harp on basic/common answers (but also don't just try to make up the most unique answer if it's not genuine).

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