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Apply for Spring 2018 and academic year 2018-2019 RA positions here until Tuesday, November 21st @ 11:59pm

Resident Advisors (RAs) live in the undergraduate residence halls on campus and act as community leaders and peer educators, encouraging residents to respect one another, be involved with wing/floor, hall, and area activities, and providing information about campus resources.

What is a Resident Advisor (RA)?

RAs at Cornell have many different roles. Some of the roles include (but are not limited to):

  • Peer Counselors
  • Community Builders
  • Academic Resources 
  • Programmers
  • Crisis Managers
  • Administrators

RAs spend a significant amount of time getting to know residents as individuals and generating enthusiasm as they bring students together to create floor and hall communities.

RAs are responsible for other students, which means that a successful staff member must be sensitive to the needs of many different people. Recognizing differences takes sensitivity, understanding, self-confidence, and strength of character.

Finally, RAs are expected to be strong team players as members of a residence hall staff and Residential and New Student Programs. They are expected to display a commitment to the development of an effective hall staff.

Check out the Calendar link on the left to see the calendar of all the RA Info Sessions! (All sessions will be the same and are not specific to the community where they are held.)

For a full job description of the Resident Advisor position, please foll this link: RA_Job_Description

Additional information regarding the Resident Advisor position can be found in our FAQs



Student Staff Spotlight!

Name: Shelby

Community: Townhouses

Semesters as a Student Staff Member: 3 semesters as an RA

Favorite Part: My favorite part about being an RA is getting to know residents. You truly are the first person that first-year students will count on. By building bonds with residents through programs, just listening to them, and giving them advice about school work or campus involvement, you can really form a mentor/mentee relationship.

Advice to Candidates: Be empathetic. A huge part of this role is about understanding others - your residents and your RA staff. A lot of what you do is aiming to connect with people and showing that you care.

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