Summer College

Applications for Summer 2018 will open in Spring 2018.

Summer College is a program serving about 1200 High School students who attend three and six week class sessions over the summer.  This program calls for a high level of staff involvement and the students are excited and engaged while on campus. 

There are two student staff positions with Summer College.


Residential Community Advisor (RCA)

RCA duties include:

  • Serving as a mentor
  • Enforcing University and program policy- including nightly curfew
  • Following all University and program policies- live in staff may not have overnight guests or alcohol in the building during the program.
  • Providing small scale programming
  • Supporting students academically, may include some tutoring
  • Providing on call coverage
  • Provide office hours
  • Accompany students to planned or unplanned medical visits off campus

This position is live-in and approximately 30 hours a week.  When the program is opening or closing hours may be more.  Staff are provided training prior to the start of the program and are supervised and supported by intern and professional staff.

Must be a strong team player as a member of a residential staff.

Position Description: SC_2017_RCA_Position


Program Assistant (PA)

PA duties include:

  • Working with a team to provide large scale weekend programming for students
  • Supporting RCAs in their small scale programming efforts
  • Support enforcement of University and program policies.

This is a live-off position with housing provided on campus but not within the Summer College buildings.  PAs are full time staff for the summer.  Training is provided prior to the start of the program and supervision and support are provided by intern and professional staff.

Must be a strong team player able to work with other PA staff, RCAs and Head Residents in assigned community.

Position Description: SC_2017_PA_Position

Student Staff Spotlight!

Name: Shelby

Community: Townhouses

Semesters as a Student Staff Member: 3 semesters as an RA

Favorite Part: My favorite part about being an RA is getting to know residents. You truly are the first person that first-year students will count on. By building bonds with residents through programs, just listening to them, and giving them advice about school work or campus involvement, you can really form a mentor/mentee relationship.

Advice to Candidates: Be empathetic. A huge part of this role is about understanding others - your residents and your RA staff. A lot of what you do is aiming to connect with people and showing that you care.

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